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edited by Nicholas Terpstra ; [contributors] Nicholas Terpstra, Luke Cossey, Hakuro Nawata Ward, Giorgio Caravale, Gary K. Waite, Justine Walden, Stefano Villani, Allison Graham, Luka Spoljaric, Lindsay C. Sidders, Andew P. McCormick, Jacqueline Holler, Federica Francesconi, Christine Marie Koch
Standard: Terpstra, Nicholas [Nicholas Terpstra]
Global reformations : transforming early modern religions, societies, and cultures


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Abingdon, Oxon ; New York

Standard Abingdon, Oxon New York [New York, NY]


Standard: Routledge

xii, 274 p.
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24 cm
Riforma - Storia - 1500-1700
Storia religiosa - 1500-1700


Contents Global reformations: reframing early modern Christianity / Nicholas Terpstra -- Religious expansion in Islam, Catholicism, and Buddhism / Luke Clossey -- Translating Christian martyrdom in Buddhist Japan in the early modern Jesuit mission / Haruko Nawata Ward -- Gypsies in Counter-reformation Rome / Giorgio Caravale -- "Turning Turke" the Anabaptist way: Muslims, Jews, Christian spiritualists, and polemical discourse in the Dutch republic, c. 1570 to c. 1630 / Gary K. Waite -- Before the ghetto: spatial logics, Jewish experience, and Jewish-Christian relations in early modern Florence / Justine Walden -- To be a foreigner in early modern Italy. Were there ghettos for non-Catholic Christians? / Stefano Villani -- Maintaining colonial order: institutional enclosure in Spanish Manila, 1590-1790 / Allison Graham -- The Renaissance papacy and Catholicization of the "Manichean heretics": rethinking the 1459 purge of the Bosnian kingdom / Luka Spoljaric -- Creole conquests: reformation, representation, and return in early colonial New Spain / Lindsay Sidders -- An embattled Catholic archbishop between Latins and Greeks in the Ottoman Aegean / Andrew P. McCormick -- Reforming birth in early colonial Mexico, or, did Mexican women really have a Counter-Reformation? / Jacqueline Holler -- The Venetian Jewish household as a multi-religious community in early modern Italy / Federica Francesconi -- Exile identity and the Pietist reform movement: constructing the Georgia Salzburgers from Alpine Crypto Protestants / Christine Marie Koch.


"Global Reformations offers a sustained, comparative, and interdisciplinary exploration of religious transformations in the early modern world. Exploring the convergence of religious reform, global expansion, and governmental consolidation, it asks how a global frame complicates our understanding of what the Reformation itself was and offers a unique and up-to-date examination of the Reformation. Demonstrating new research and innovative approaches in the study of cross-cultural contact during the early modern period, this volume is ideal for advanced undergraduates and graduates of Early Modern History, Religious History, Women & Gender Studies and Global History"

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- To Be a Foreigner in Early Modern Italy : Were there ghettos for non-Catholic Christians?